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Mrs. K. A. Ellis

K.A. Ellis works alongside her husband, exploring the zones where identity, human rights and theology intersect. She has performed, spoken and lectured in Eastern Europe, Canada, Switzerland, the Caribbean, Indonesia and in South America.


In her twenty year career, Mrs. Ellis has been seen in classrooms, conferences, on television, on film and onstage, headlining at the Kennedy Center and the Fabulous Fox Theatre in St Louis, MO. For eight years, she hosted a morning radio program in the Pacific Northwest, PRAISE 1065FM.


Currently she writes and lectures on Theology, Human Rights, and Global Religious Freedom. She is president and co-founder of Makazi Institute, training and equipping the next generation of cultural analysts.


Since 2006, she has collaborated with the Swiss based charity, International Christian Response, and travels internationally advocating for global religious freedom. In January of 2016, she launched the #WePersevere Campaign.

Mrs. Ellis holds a Master of Art in Religion (MAR Theological) from Westminster Theological Seminary, a Master of Fine Art (MFA) from the Yale School of Drama, and is a PhD candidate at the Oxford Center for Mission Studies in Oxford, England.


Learn more about Mrs. Ellis at Ellis Perspectives.

President & Co-Founder 
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