About Us

The Makazi Institute trains emerging leaders to speak into today’s global cultures with a distinctive biblical voice. Our aim is to bring Life to culture, and to bring culture to Life.

Makazi Institute identifies talented thinkers and practitioners at the post-graduate level. The institute equips them to analyze local and global cultural issues with a high level of critical thinking, cultlural engagement, and practical application at the community and national levels.


Through our one-year fellowship, budding thought leaders train with worldview experts from different cultures from around the globe.

It's our desire that our Fellows experience a strong sense of community while in residence, and that they return to their local contexts as distinguished thought-leaders and problem solvers in their chosen fields.


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"I am confident that the Makazi faculty's passion for Christ will bring refreshing waters of life to the arid deserts of scholasticism. Truth will flower and bear fruit for the neglected and thirsty." Rev. John Smed Director of Prayer Current Vancouver, British Columbia