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Becoming a Makazi Fellow

Makazi Institute is not currently taking applications. Watch this space for details on applying to the next cohort.

Ideal candidates will posses:

  • A passion for analyzing culture and and people groups.

  • A high tolerance for academic rigor.

  • Advanced writing and speaking skills.

  • An interest in the relationship between foreign and domestic issues.

  • Advanced knowledge/experience in his or her chosen field.

  • A practical area of service connected to his or her academic work.

Applicants should prepare:

  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae.

  • Statement of Christian testimony (250 words, maximum).

  • A well-researched essay (1000 - 1500 words) that demonstrates critical and seminal thinking, logical argumentation, bibical application, and in-depth analysis of any  cultural issue.

    • Strict adherence to essay guidelines is critical; essays that do not meet the word requirements will not be considered by the committee.

  • One (1) academic recommendation speaking to scholarly ability.

  • One (1) personal recommendation speaking to character.

  • Academic transcript from the last institution attended (unofficial is acceptable). 

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